Collective exemplifications in unison

In the turbulent, almost apocalyptic times we live in, we find that some beneficial initiatives occur, not by accident, in certain parts of the world, bringing together tens of thousands or even millions of human beings who get together to perform meditations in unison, either for peace, or for healing and regenerating the planetary environment.

Meditations in unison involve the simultaneous engagement (during the same period of time) of several human beings, which causes those meditations to produce highly amplified occult effects both in the participants, and in the general planetary environment. The unison causes an effect of occult multiplication and all those who participate then to such meditations, full of enthusiasm and aspiration, are part of a sui-generis organism, to whose life everybody contributes, the occult result being bigger than the sum of the individual experiences - a creative multiplication. Each participant then reflects the experiences of all the others, and the resultant Wholeness reaches an exceptionally wide and deep occult resonance with the godly energies that exist in the infinite vortexes of the Macrocosm.

In this way, through the triggering of occult resonance processes, the infinite sublime energies that exist in the infinite vortexes of Macrocosm are accessed, which makes it possible for the human beings who engage in unison to attract and channel through their inner universe certain mysterious Godly Attributes, which when attracted in the ambience of this planet generate afterwards considerable transformations, and also contribute fully to the emergence of a profoundly beneficial, harmonious environment, which facilitates love, good understanding, goodwill, compassion among the human beings living on this planet.


The Law of Occult Offering - by giving, we transform ourselves and everything around us

In this way, human beings who participate in such meditations in unison also benefit greatly from the subtle sublime godly energies that they attract into their inner universe, and thus they profoundly transform themselves, even if they do not know the secret mechanisms they put then into action, and they do not know that in this way they benefit greatly from the implementation of the Law of Occult Offering.

This fundamental law tells us that when we offer something, a physical object or any subtle energy, such as the subtle sublime energy of a Godly Attribute, even though we capture that energy from the infinite macrocosmic vortexes and we channel it towards the being to whom we offer it, part of that energy that passes through us will subsequently remain in us as well. So not only those at the receiving end get something, but also we, the ones offering - the source of the gift being God - are constantly enriching ourselves innerly in this process, and in this way we transform ourselves. This explains, for example, the powerful state of fulfilment, of deep satisfaction that fills our being when we offer something or when we help someone.

In time, human beings who participate in such meditations that are performed in unison also transform when they manifest through their being the godly energies of certain Godly Attributes, thus they elevate their dominant frequency of vibration, and in this way they become aware of the profoundly beneficial transformations that occur in their inner universe when they pass through, in unison, these sublime godly energies.


"Do good, receive good"

Given these occult aspects, it is very good, whenever time allows, to invest this time and the inner energy in a profoundly beneficial creative way, both in order to convince us of the transformations that will then occur in our being, and in order to do great good to all the people living on this planet and to our old Blue Planet, which needs more than ever these subtle sublime energies that we can capture from the infinite vortexes that exist in the Macrocosm.

In this way each of us can be convinced that when we do good, at the same time we feel in our inner universe a lot of good, harmony and well-being. Thus we can be convinced that when we do a lot of good, we receive a lot of good, and many wonderful transformations will occur in our inner universe then. In this way we can convince ourselves, many of us, especially the skeptics, the inert ones, the larval ones, the lazy ones, that a gram of practice of this kind values tons of theory and helps us take spiritual leaps, because at the same time we overcome our selfishness, we overcome our pettiness, we go beyond the ego and at the same time we awaken in our being these Godly Attributes that we each need to a great extent.


The meaning of our existence depends on us

It is very important that in this way we awaken in our inner universe certain virtues, we feel deeply reconciled with ourselves, we get to sense the mysterious reality of God the Father when we pass through our being these sublime Godly Attributes. We can be sure that when we carry out such collective meditations in unison, for us it is very easy, due to the field that appears at the level of the planet Earth, to access these godly energies that basically help us transform, make us well, heal ourselves and give a godly meaning to our existence here and now, in this world.