The Godly Attribute of Godly Holiness

20 April 2020

The whole creation is holy because it’s created by God

...I felt the purification of my being with a very subtle and elevated energy which was bestowing upon me...
5 April 2020

Amassed and dispersed into nothing/everything

I felt something similar to this purification and energising from Sahasara...
4 April 2020

I could see the purest part of me from the origins of creation

All I could see was that the mirror being perfectly pure and sacred.
4 April 2020

The object and the subject become one

All the' outside' can not even exist without your consciousness projecting them. All become thus holy.
4 April 2020

A sun was shining out from the middle of my being

I felt as if a drizzling shower was coming from above soothing the heart and giving a lightness to the whole being.