18 September 2023

The fire brings the intense aspiration towards God

... I felt the fire of passion to live, to love and to have aspiration towards transformation and ultimate accomplishment.
6 April 2023

A state of unconditional acceptance, tenderness and love for oneself

And then, all uncertainty, tension, fear and pain easily came up front and turned into Happiness!
16 February 2023

I felt as if He was pronuncing words without sound

I began to feel God coming closer, as if He had a pen, writing words near me, coming even closer, ...
2 November 2022

I felt a very subtle, delicate and sweet nectar that nourished my being

I felt that the energy of Godly Intention feeds our being with the " nectar of life" so that we can live our experiences of life, ...
2 November 2022

I have experienced many beautiful synchronicities

. I realized that the mere fact of paying attention to the intention we have when performing any action, positions us in a place of presence ...
2 November 2022

A seed planted in my being by God

God's Primordial Intention is for us to become what we truly are: pure children of our Heavenly Father.
2 November 2022

I felt that love is the “fountain of youth”

I felt a state of exuberance, exaltation and enthusiasm on a background of peace and serenity of the soul and the mind.
2 November 2022

I had the feeling that God knows me so well…

I felt an overwhelming state of happiness of being “home” and being loved immeasurably. by God
2 November 2022

I experienced a very deep union with God

My heart expands infinitely...
20 April 2022

I didn’t need anything else, everything was just perfect

There followed a particular, different "warming up" of my anahata chakra - with an opening, an expansion, an irradiation from the centre of the chest outwards.
14 April 2022

I became aware of a certain victorious, sovereign dynamism, of infallible invincibility

I quickly delved into my heart and became aware of a very, very deep state of inner peace in my being, a perfect balancing of all energies, ...
14 April 2022

The energy of this attribute gives the tone to the whole of God’s Creation

... I felt in my being the connection to a sublime, very refined and extremely pure energy which brought into my being a state of paradisiac happiness.