Several Godly Attributes at the same time?

To the question - that many might be asking - whether it is possible to know, discover and feel in a profound, intuitive and ineffable way two, three, four or even more Godly Attributes in the same time, triggering in our inner universe simultaneous processes of occult resonance with the specific sublime subtle energy of certain Godly Attributes, the answer is absolutely yes. It is possible to know, to feel and to discover simultaneously several Godly Attributes, while receiving in our inner universe their specific sublime subtle energy, but in order to attain such a level of mastery we must start just like children, who learn gradually the alphabet and later become able to structure the letters of the alphabet to form coherent words.

Of course, there are many new and extraordinary aspects that these revelations make available to us. As to the fact that it is revealed to us that these Godly Attributes are a distinct subtle sublime energy that presents a certain frequency of vibration, we can easily be convinced that what we are presenting here and now is a great novelty, although when this aspect is viewed from the point of view of God it is and remains something natural. If you will study tens or hundreds of philosophical or mystical - Eastern and Western - treatises, you will find often being said that there are Godly Attributes that are undoubtedly "something", but nevertheless there is nowhere a clear explanation easily understandable by anyone that these Godly Attributes are and remain eternally distinct subtle sublime energies that have a frequency of vibration that never modifies.


Energy and Information

At the same time, each Godly Attribute carries through this specific energy certain distinct sublime godly messages, which, above all, can be defined as godly information. Therefore the distinct subtle sublime energy of each Godly Attribute also carries in it simultaneously certain messages that are always sublime godly information to which, in this way, we have access to when we enter and maintain ourselves in a powerful occult process of occult resonance with the distinct subtle sublime energy of a certain Godly Attribute. We dare to hope that the revelation of these initiating aspects reserved for the few, the prepared, the intuitive, the pure ones, will greatly help you to transform your vision of God the Father and the reality in which you live.


Everything is occult resonance

In this way, we can also convince ourselves that, beyond appearances, everything is either resonance or occult resonance - because, if there is mechanical resonance, magnetic resonance, orbital resonance, etc., then implicitly there is also occult resonance. Although for the time being science does not recognise the existence of occult resonance, those of us who thus have access to these revelations can be convinced through certain direct experiences that there is occult resonance when we manage to experience in our inner universe processes of occult resonance with the subtle sublime energy of certain Godly Attributes.

We suggest to experience this for yourself by aiming each one of you to convince yourself as often and as long as possible when you experience in your inner universe processes of occult resonance with the distinct subtle sublime energy of Love, which is a important Godly Attribute. In this way many of you will convince yourself that God is and remains forever everlasting Love, and that deep, endless and immeasurable Love is a part of the infinite and mysterious being of God the Father.