What is a Godly Attribute?

The Godly Attributes are those enigmatic and endless characteristics or traits of the Godly Being, such as Love, Goodness, Omnipotence, Eternity, Justice, Compassion, Infinity, etc., without which God the Father could not be conceived or thought.

Even though many of us believe totally and profoundly that there are certain Godly Attributes, such as those listed above, and though, as many philosophers have considered, we even have the intuition of the fact that these Godly Attributes really exist in eternity and are beyond any doubt something specific, however, we can ask ourselves what this "something" actually is.

The essential aspect, revealed for the first time on this planet, is that in reality each Godly Attribute is and remains forever a subtle energy, which presents a certain frequency of vibration that never changes!


We can capture in our inner universe each Godly Attribute

As we all know, we, the humans, were created by God in His image and likeness. If we recognise the image of God because of His Godly Attributes, the likeness according to which we have been created shows us that all the Godly Attributes are accessible to us and can be known and felt by us, the humans beings, in a direct, ineffable, intuitive way, even in our own being. This happens only when adequate conditions are created within our universe that make it possible to trigger an occult resonance process with the specific sublime subtle energy of a Godly Attribute.

To briefly explain the occult resonance by analogy with the electro-magnetic resonance, exactly as we tune a radio device on the exact wavelength of a certain radio station and then we capture it as long as this tuning is maintained in optimal conditions, in the same way it becomes possible for us to receive in our inner universe the specific sublime subtle energy of a certain Godly Attribute, by creating certain favourable conditions in our being. The capturing of this subtle energy manifests by the emergence of a powerful specific inner state, which makes it possible to feel, know and fully experience the enigmatic reality of a certain Godly Attribute. Then we continue to have access to that Godly Attribute and even gradually deepen this Godly Reality, as long as the occult resonance process is maintained in excellent or even optimal conditions.


"God is Love." And not only that...

One such Godly Attribute to which many of us have access even when we do not realise what is going on beyond appearances is the Godly Attribute of Godly Love. The existence of this Godly Attribute of Love has caused many saints, great sages and advanced yogis to unanimously assert, without any hesitation, that first and foremost God is Love and that deep, pure, endless Love is God. Fundamentally, this Godly Love is in turn a distinct sublime subtle energy, which has a frequency of vibration that never changes.

Some of us have realised under certain conditions that love is energy and that this energy always carries certain secret messages, certain refined, sublime components, which are always specific to the godly energy of Love and which, when received in our inner universe, by triggering certain processes of occult resonance, generates afterwards in our being huge, profound and often definitive transformations. Well, just as the Godly Attribute of Godly Love is an ineffable sublime subtle energy that presents a certain frequency of vibration that never changes, also the other Godly Attributes are in fact subtle, sublime energies, each having a certain frequency of vibration, which never changes.