Invitation to dialogue


Invitation to dialogue

How do we define ourselves in the highest way as humans? What are the deepest aspirations of our soul? What is transient and what is not? What is really valuable in us and outside of us? What is the nature of Creation and what is beyond it?

We all ask ourselves in moments of deep thoughts these kind of profound questions, which seem to overwhelm us. We catch our breath, reflect and then begin to look for answers in our experience, in our daily lives or even start to follow an authentic Spiritual Path, which can lead us much faster to God. (We can sometimes remain careless and forget everything quickly, but then we have really failed the test ...)

Once we decide full of courage to embark on such an essential search, we immediately notice that it actually offers an unparalleled flavour and an ascending direction to our whole life, an ever-renewed joy of life, joy to discover. But it also raises new questions, such as: knowing that we were created in the image and likeness of God, what is this image really? How is He reflected in us? And what exactly does resemblance mean?

No matter how much experience we have (or not) in the spiritual realm, whoever we now think we are or are not, living the direct experience of the godly answer to our questions can be facilitated by a fundamental planetary revelation, which is easily accessible to all people: the discovery, the deep understanding and the direct experience, more and more profound, of the Godly Attributes!

This is what we are offering to you in this site, where we provide some key elements regarding the Godly Attributes, elements that can be either general, or specific to each of the Attributes, as they are revealed and experienced. The testimonials of those who have already experienced communion with certain God Attributes, the glossary of terms that we are preparing, as well as and some relevant articles can further provide you some useful explanations and clarifications. But the basis of any new transformative inner discovery is the direct experience of communion with the Godly Attributes, through practical methods - among which are the meditations of communion with the Godly Attributes, to which we invite you to participate.

Through dialogue we all get enriched from the experiences of others. That is why we warmly invite you to share our experiences, your questions and even your personal revelations regarding the Godly Attributes, and the most significant ones will be published on the site without delay. We are very glad to have you here!