MISA or the Movement of Spiritual Integration into the Absolute is a non-governmental association that aims to promote the authentic spiritual values of the millenary yoga tradition.

MISA structures the teachings of millenary yoga discipline on the traditional principles and methods described in ancient yogic texts by the great sages of India. MISA's objective is to gather the essence of all these authentic spiritual teachings in a spirit of mutual understanding and acceptance, to express them in a contemporary form and thus to create a connection between the hearts of all spiritual seekers on this planet.

The Spiritual Mentor of the Movement of Spiritual Integration into the Absolute is Yoga Teacher Emeritus Gregorian Bivolaru.

After a difficult period when in Romania all the spiritual disciplines were prohibited, Gregorian Bivolaru, who had great experience and pedagogic skill, has succeeded in laying the foundations for what nowadays is MISA Yoga school - the largest Yoga school in Europe. It has been founded in 1990 as a public organisation, but it stems from the communist period, when it was practiced in small circles without the complex structure it has nowadays.
Through all the activities of our Association, we aim to popularise yoga practice and knowledge in the field of Oriental spirituality, traditional Ayurvedic medicine, alternative medicine, Eastern philosophy and culture, Shaivism, parapsychology, astrology, alchemy, fringe sciences, religion, spiritual symbolism, esoteric sciences that we approach theoretically and, especially, practically.

Our purposes include collecting, translating, editing and publishing useful information, works and books pertaining to the aforementioned fields, as well as keeping those interested up to date by providing training courses, lectures, symposiums, workshops, seminars and spiritual camps. We are also interested in conducting research activities in the fields of yoga and ayurveda, as well as developing spiritual establishments and research centers where people can study and practice these disciplines.

We sustain social involvement and endeavour to work with volunteers, abiding by local regulations, to carry out the activities and programs of the Association. We believe in people's power to discover their own godly essence and we seek to create the necessary conditions for a profound and real self-discovery.


MISA Teaching System

The entire MISA teaching system is geared towards a profound understanding of the human nature, acknowledging both its vast possibilities and its responsibilities as a spiritual being. The teachings are made available to students in weekly theoretical and practical courses, taught by experienced instructors who present the ancient teachings in a modern manner, adapted to Western mindset. Over time, these courses have helped a large number of people to improve their lives in all their aspects, to maintain or regain their health, to achieve a state of harmony and balance at all levels and to deepen spiritual aspects by practicing yoga consistently, persistently and enthusiastically. Yoga students also receive printed course materials with information presented in extenso, in order to provide a framework for in-depth study.

Since 1990, MISA Yoga School has opened Yoga courses in over 250 towns in Romania and 33 other countries; the number of sympathisers and those who have practiced or practice yoga with MISA Yoga school has been estimated at around 35,000. Yoga instructors are selected by theoretical and practical exams and undergo special training.

A number of other activities take place, in addition to the weekly Yoga classes, under the aegis of MISA: the publication of the Yoga Magazine and a monthly newsletter, the publication of numerous books, the organization of public lectures, Kashmirian shaivism courses, Ayurveda, parapsychology, alchemy, Enneagram, I Ching, Kalachakra etc., the organisation of symposiums and yoga camps, spiritual themed exhibitions, as well as other activities aimed to awaken the conscience and help people fully develop at all levels.

Thus, through all its activities, programs, writings and initiatives, MISA asserts itself as a genuine spiritual movement of far-reaching success, providing a framework conducive to practicing and deepening of the traditional spiritual teachings rendered in a manner accessible to modern mind, while preserving the spiritual authority of the original teachings.


The spiritual lineage

From the point of view of the yoga tradition, the comprehensive esoteric yoga classes offered by MISA are in line with the Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga - the esoteric tradition of high spiritual perfection and deep, ineffable communion with God.

By activating and ascending in his being the infinite inner energy of Kundalini Shakti, the yogi on the Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga is able to enter and maintain in an ineffable state of communion with the sublime higher energies of life and macrocosmic manifestation, and thus Gupta Yoga Maha Siddha can be rightly considered to be a true art of living and experiencing life in a godly way.

The specific methodology of this doctrine, kept largely secret, can only be applied by those yogis who are able to control and raise at will the endless colossal occult energy of Kundalini Shakti. They can then transfer to the being of other aspirants the ineffable spiritual states which they exemplify through Kundalini Shakti.

Apart from belonging to this traditional lineage, we can say that the teachings of the MISA School of Esoteric Yoga sought to integrate everything that is godly inspired and fundamental in the known authentic spiritual traditions, so as to give anyone who is sufficiently receptive and prepared new or ancient direct ways of spiritual transformation and realisation that are as accessible as possible to their current level.