10 December 2021

I rose above the Earth

... I was surrounded by beings of light, spiritual guides.
14 October 2021

Mind loses its agitating and often painful grasp on my state of being

The purification during the meditations has been very powerful and almost unbearable for the ego mind, ...
14 October 2021

I felt as a child embraced with unconditional love

I then perceived my own yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies perfectly balanced in my being, which brought a state of ecstasy.
7 October 2021

Life is just like a poem

... this loving, beautiful and wonderful existence is written down using the ink coming from our experiences.
7 October 2021

My soul is opened as a flower in the Spring

Everywhere – inside and outside, through the lens of the awakened heart, we can write and read the poems of our life.
4 October 2021

There is no greater freedom than the spiritual freedom

I feel Godly Freedom as the freedom of the Essential Self Atman, to shine its eternal light over all shadows casted by the ego...
20 April 2021

God the Father gives us all the help we are open to receive

The more we open the more help flows through us. We are thus becoming a channel which then radiates out infinitely.
20 April 2021

I felt as the present moment and eternity became one and the same

The only place which I can feel is "alive" during these moments is the heart.
20 April 2020

When the mind rests in the heart…

...God revealed to me that the secret key to open the door of His godly perspective through discernment is an open heart.
20 April 2020

A new perspective upon life

...the capacity to always choose the good path towards God, seeing what is beyond the illusory in the light of the Ultimate Godly Truth...
20 April 2020

The whole creation is holy because it’s created by God

...I felt the purification of my being with a very subtle and elevated energy which was bestowing upon me...
20 April 2020

A rain of golden light

The joy of being in communion with the Self is surpassing all others joys and pleasures in the ephemeral world.
12 April 2020

We all have the fundamental right to be ourselves

I realized that I lived for a long time in a fast and competitive world, in which the rush to consume experiences and to accomplish many things in the shortest time possible is regarded as a normal living condition.
12 April 2020

Gratitude is a great source of power

This led me to an overwhelming state of pure delight and ease, releasing an immense amount of joy and enthusiasm.
12 April 2020

The Grace of God flows through every cell of my body

He loves us every moment and through every moment, we are entirely His creation and He rejoices in us.