5 April 2020

Amassed and dispersed into nothing/everything

I felt something similar to this purification and energising from Sahasara...
4 April 2020

I could see the purest part of me from the origins of creation

All I could see was that the mirror being perfectly pure and sacred.
4 April 2020

The object and the subject become one

All the' outside' can not even exist without your consciousness projecting them. All become thus holy.
4 April 2020

A sun was shining out from the middle of my being

I felt as if a drizzling shower was coming from above soothing the heart and giving a lightness to the whole being.
4 April 2020

I wanted to see how God sees that wonderful landscape

Then, going home I watched the people, looking at them through God's eyes, I wanted to see how He looks at us.
2 April 2020

The entrance into a parallel, paradisiac, angelic world

I recalled the moment of the beginning on the spiritual path 26 years ago, since then the state of aspiration to God is a constant in my life...
27 March 2020

Life – a column of light aspiring towards the Kingdom of God

If the spirit of justice will always be with me, I will always have God's support.
21 March 2020

Who am I in the middle of this whole universe of divine energetic rhythms?

I perceive the rhythm of each being as special, sacred, with a sacred resonance, from planets to Gods and Goddesses, from trees to stars.
21 March 2020

Breathing and moving in the rhythm of the planets and the stars

I felt like entering in unison with the rhythm of the Universe, slowly opening myself to a new sacred dimension of life.
20 March 2020

The greatest gift God has given me is life itself

There is so much poetry in every destiny that every life is a book written every day.
13 March 2020

The journey is and remains an inner journey

Kalki Avatar is very close to my soul and inspires me to have courage and to overcome the obstacles on the spiritual path, especially in the continuous inner transformation...